This is an on-line course (for students in Helsinki and Vasa) that covers mathematical techniques used to solve real-life problems arising in economic applications. Mathematica software ( is used in class.

Students' learning is supported by detailed guidelines for self-study provided on Moodle.


Kursen erbjuder en modern introduktion till ekonometrin med tyngdpunkten på ekonometriska metoder tillämpade på verkliga ekonomiska problem. Metoderna som tas upp på kursen är motiverade av de problem som uppkommer vid analys av ickeexperimentella ekonomiska data. På kursen behandlas ekonometriska metoder för tvärsnitts- och tidsseriedata.

kursbeskrivning_Ekonometri_2018 16.3.2018.pdfkursbeskrivning_Ekonometri_2018 16.3.2018.pdf

The aim of the course is to introduce students in Management and Business Studies to statistical methods for analysing multivariate data. After completing the course, the student is able to undertake high-quality quantitative research in Management and Business Studies, including International Business, Logistics, Management, Marketing and Strategy.