On this course, you will learn what is meant by the circular economy and why it is needed. In addition you will acquire a deeper appreciation of the importance and opportunities of the circular economy through four different subject areas and at the same time gain a comprehensive picture of the practical applications of the circular economy. As multidisciplinarity, shared expertise and systems thinking are strongly linked to the circular economy, the course is constructed taking these perspectives into account.
In the introduction section we examine the current use of resources and the challenges that gives rise to, and also familiarise ourselves with the circular economy model. We delve deeper into the circular economy by considering its benefits, fundamental principles, challenges, constraints and business models, as well as by looking at what steering instruments and measures could promote the circular economy. In addition, the first section provides an introduction to each practical theme, which are covered in more detail in the following sections.
Sections 1-4 address the subjects covered from the perspective of the application of the circular economy. The subjects are a sustainable food system, forestry related cycles, technical cycles and mobility and the sharing economy. In the end, you will find the essential vocabulary related to the circular economy.

The course can be taken as part of the study module in Corporate Responsibility.

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I kursen introduceras frågor som relaterar till företagens samhällsansvar (CSR). Kursen ger en introduktion till centrala koncept och perspektiv som beskriver de utmaningar, möjligheter och risker som företag ställs inför angående deras samhälls- och miljömässiga ansvar, och hur dessa sammankopplas med det ekonomiska ansvaret. I kursen har studerande möjlighet att genom övningsarbete förkovra sig i specifika sektorers utmaningar och möjligheter i relation till samhällsansvar, samt tillämpa de koncept som behandlas under föreläsningar och i litteraturen.

Obligatorisk grundkurs inom kandidatexamen.

Andra än kandidatstuderande kan ta kursen som en del av studiehelheten i företagsansvar.