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The aim of the course is to provide a general overview of factors influencing business operations in Nordic countries (history, political, geography, legal and economic systems, culture), in particular, the operations of companies. The focus of the course is on welfare state institutions, European Union legislation and regulations, and Nordic culture(s).

During the course you will learn how to explain, compare and analyse differences and commonalities in the Nordic societies regarding the following themes:

  • societies in general
  • leadership styles
  • entrepreneurial traditions
  • organizational cultures
  • gender and power issues

and to summarise and compile these themes into a handbook.

This course is one of the three courses offered together with Mays Business School (Texas, USA) as a Summer School:

  • 22059 Introduction to Russian Business Culture (3 ECTS),
  • 22018 Introduction to Nordic Business Culture (3 ECTS) and
  • 22019 International Environment of Business (3 ECTS).

The courses are on intermediate level. To get a dynamic and international learning experience we invite Hanken students to apply for the courses. This is a great chance to learn together with US students. Notably, the course also include company visits, guided tours of Nordic design and entrepreneurial environments, guest lectures delivered by distinguished academics as well as recognized leaders within their trade as well as in Nordic societies.