Tourism and hospitality Marketing Management is about development of new services and to stage for customer experiences. This reading package interlinks three different research areas, Customer experience, Service management and Destination development. Out of a marketing management perspective, Tourism and Hospitality Management is about making visitors feel welcome, to care about the employees and to be convinced that the tourists leave the destination happy and better-off.

Insight into tourist and experience value is to be sought in a society of transformation, when work and leisure time blend, and the classic
“Touristhood” fades away. Based on the service characteristics, principles of service management are discussed, and the unique features of destinations are used for understanding new tourism service development.

The context of this course is marketing. However, the learnings from this course can be applied to other contexts also. Hence, all students, regardless of their disciplinary background, are welcome to take this course.
As a self-learning course, it tests your ability to think about and reflect on your learning, to set your own deadlines and goals, and to have the motivation to learn by self-studying.

It is important that you have some previous knowledge of marketing and that you read carefully the assigned literature and the assignment instructions in Moodle.