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This course focuses on advanced personnel assessment issues, from both theoretical and applied perspectives. The course covers biases in psychological testing and behavioral assessment. Many contemporary issues in recruitment, selection, and appraisal that offer special challenges to the personnel practitioner are also included. The focus is on theories such as social identity, social categorization, and implicit prejudice.

This is an advanced level course and it is expected that participating students have basic knowledge about recruitment, performance appraisal, diversity, social perception, and decision-making. These aspects are, for instance, covered during basic courses in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour.

This course is the third in the People Management-track in Management and Organization, which consists of the following courses: 1) Leadership, 2) Workforce analytics, 3) Personnel Assessment. 

Please find the course description/syllabus attached. Due to the covid19-situation the course will be held on-line. Therefore some changes have also been made to the forms of examination. No points will be given for class attendance as the course is given on-line. Instead you can get 30p for the short papers.

A link to the first Teams-lecture has been sent out all those who have registered (link sent out on Monday March 15th). The link has been sent to the address available in WebOodi. The course key needed for Moodle registration will be given out during the first lecture.  

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