Welcome to the course!

Let's make it an interesting learning experience for everyone by getting involved!

To begin, check out the 'Course information' and the 'Course program with deadlines' posted below.
First team Assignment 1 will be posted here Monday 18.1, by 10pm.

Then you can/should start reading and reflecting and working on assignment immediately. First deadline is 25.1
Teams for Assignment 1 will then be published Monday 25.1 by 10am.

PLEASE MAKE SURE you de-register in Moodle BEFORE THAT, IF you do NOT participate in the course.

More info during the intro session!


1 Course information_OVERVIEW 2021.pdf1 Course information_OVERVIEW 2021.pdf2 Course Program  Deadlines 2021.pdf2 Course Program Deadlines 2021.pdf