The course provides master’s students an introduction to key concepts and perspectives that describe the challenges, opportunities and risks that mainly companies – but also governments, other organizations and more broadly societies – face regarding social and environmental responsibilities. In the course, students have the opportunity to learn about perspectives on social responsibility from many subjects at Hanken (with videos relating to accounting, commercial law, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, management, marketing, politics and business, and supply chain management).

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) are introduced through videos too and some of their targets that are particularly relevant to business are emphasized.

The course is mandatory for all master's degree students at Hanken who have started their master's studies 1.8.2018 or after.

Student who have begun their studies before 1.8.2018 can take the Global Competence module as two different parts of their degree:
- New seminar course 5 credits (given from 2019-2020 onwards) + Global competence module 5 credits both within the 90 credits major subject/track specific studies OR
- old seminar course 12 credits (given last time 2018-2019) within 90 credits major subject, and Global competence module 5 credits outside the 90 credits major subject/track specific studies as free electives.

External students can take the course as part of the study module in Corporate Responsibility.