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The world today is increasingly turbulent. This creates challenges for corporate strategy, and requires managers to learn new ways of assessing the future. Whilst conventional planning techniques rely largely on extrapolation of historical trend data to understand the future, this course teaches you how to develop strategic scenarios. Scenarios are based on idea generation and the creation of alternative futures. Using backcasting techniques such strategic scenarios can inform corporate long-range planning: e.g. corporate vision, mission and value statements but also medium-term strategic decision-making on e.g. markets offering, value creation systems and performance indicators. Scenario-based foresight is an exploration-based form of advanced strategic thinking suitable for leaders who want to take a future-leaning stance on business development.

This is an advanced level course and participating students are expected to have basic insights into the field of strategy. This course is the third in the Strategy-track in Management and Organization, which consists of the following courses: 1) Strategic Thinking, 2) Strategy work, and 3) Strategic foresight.