Aim: The course aims to support the writing of the master's thesis in the major subject. During the course you receive support and individual counselling from your thesis supervisor for producing a thesis. You also get feedback from your co-students when presenting your own master thesis project in your seminar group. The course contains individual counselling and group discussions. During the course you will partly work on your own thesis, partly review and comment your co-student’s thesis projects.

Read more about the master’s thesis on the web.

General informationYou need to think about a topic for your thesis well in advance of the course start date! You can contact and discuss with potential supervisors from the department by viewing their research areas on their homepages. There are also some topic suggestions in the course syllabus. 

How to register for the course: You officially start the course by 1) signing up in WebOodi 2) enrolling in Moodle, and 3) handing in a form in Moodle with a  thesis topic form (see below for the form or contact the examiner) which will determine who your supervisor is. This form is to be submitted at the start of the course by 19.8.2020 at 9 am. You must also submit an academic transcript by this deadline.

Pre-requisites: Completed bachelor’s degree and 10 credits in your major subject (advanced level studies) and 5 credits (advanced level) method’s courses (22043 Research Design).

Recommended time of taking the course: The seminar course is to be started in the Autumn semester during the second year of your master’s studies. Students in the integrated Swedish-speaking programme can write their thesis in Swedish, although the seminar course is in English. If you are studying in the integrated Swedish-speaking programme, but would like to write your thesis in English, please see further instructions here.

The courses Academic Writing Apprentice Level (51003, 2 cr) and Mastering Academic Writing (51004, 3 cr) support the thesis writing and are recommended to be taken simultaneously with the seminar course if you write your thesis in English. If you write you thesis in Swedish we recommend Vetenskaplig kommunikation för ekonomer (5655-E, 5cr ). 

If the major subject studies include more than 5 credits method courses, the additional 5 credits (i.e. 22044 Research methods) can be taken simultaneously with the seminar course. At least 5 credits method courses (i.e. 22043 Research design) need to be completed before taking the seminar course.