Hi everyone,

As you know Hanken has decided that all teaching should be done virtually starting from Monday16.3.

This of course also applies for the SIHRM course. Therefore the course introduction will take place on Monday at 10.15 (as scheduled) but through Teams. Later today you will receive a calendar invite to join that meeting.

During the introduction I will walk you through the revised course plan and answer any possible questions you may have.

For those of you registered but not planning to take the course, it would be of great help if you could drop me an email about it so I know when planning ahead. Thanks.

While this situation is of course far from ideal for any of us I'm sure we can make it work and look forward to a very new kind of teaching and learning experience!

All the best,



Syllabus SIHRM spring 2020(preliminary)_15.3.2020.pdfSyllabus SIHRM spring 2020(preliminary)_15.3.2020.pdf