The corporate and business environment is increasingly global and cross-border ownership and governance issues have become commonplace. Yet corporate governance – by its nature – is based on established institutional structures that may vary between jurisdictions and markets. Corporate governance models have evolved over time, but the debate regarding the convergence and persistence in corporate governance still prevails. There is an increasing undertsanding that instead of necessarily pursuing standardized solutions in relation to corporate governance mechanisms it is important to study and compare these mechamisms in their institutional context.

The seminar will consider corporate governance structures in publicly traded corporations in different jurisdictions and industrial settings. Different corporate governance structures will be studied in their economic, legal and political contexts. Students will be introduced to comparative and institutional perspectives to corporate governance research.

The course is given in collaboration with the University of Helsinki.

37044 Comparative Corporate Governance  P4_2020.pdf37044 Comparative Corporate Governance P4_2020.pdf