The aim of the course is to introduce how organisations can be understood and explained with the help of organisation theory. The course aims at presenting organisation theory in a systematic and critical manner. During the course students will apply different theoretical perspectives on an organisational phenomenon/problem that they are familiar with. The starting point is that each theory represents a distinct way of understanding and “reading” organisation. In this way the course provides students an understanding of how theory can be used as an analytical tool for making sense of organisational life and prepares students to work in/with complex organisations.

Topics addressed in the course:
1. Ways to think about organisations
2. Organisation as a machine, mechanistic metaphors
3. Organisation as an open system, biological metaphors
4. Organisation as a learning system
5. Organisation as a culture
6. Organisation as a political system
7. Critical perspectives to organisations
8. Organisation and change

22030 Organization Theory course description (final).pdf22030 Organization Theory course description (final).pdf