Welcome to Personnel Assessment!

This course focuses on advanced personnel assessment issues, from both theoretical and applied perspectives. The course covers biases in psychological testing and behavioral assessment. Many contemporary issues in recruitment, selection, and appraisal that offer special challenges to the personnel practitioner are also included. The focus is on theories such as social identity, social categorization, gender roles, and implicit prejudice.

This is an advanced level course and it is expected that participating students have basic knowledge about recruitment, performance appraisal, diversity, social perception, and decision-making. These aspects are, for instance, covered during basic courses in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour (such as courses 2254 and 22022 at Hanken). This course is the fourth in the People Management-track in Management and Organization, which consists of the following courses: 1) Leadership, 2) Gender, Management and Organisation, 3) Strategic International Human Resource Management and 4) Personnel Assessment.

The course key will be given out during the first lecture (and sent out by email afterwards).

Syllabus 2019_final_20032019.pdfSyllabus 2019_final_20032019.pdf