Learn Excel from the beginning and become a good user of the most prominent features of the program. The course is based on twelve hands on exercises and some Excel grounded videos that the students can watch.
On the course, the students work with inserting and modifying data, sorting and filtering, functions and formula definition. Further special issues like Mail Merge, Pivot Tables, Macros, Scenarios and importing a processing data from Access are in the course. All the examples are business oriented which gives the students a realistic view of business related working tasks.

The course is a digital web course with no teaching in class. The exercises are written so one ought to be able to do them without the support of a teacher.

The aim of the course is to give the students a solid foundation of Business Intelligence. The course allows students to understand how BI works in a way that will help them adopt several business intelligence concepts in future managerial roles.

Data Mining is an important part of the course and shows students the importance of one of the most popular business analytics tools in today’s business world. Other important aspects of BI that the course takes up are: BI Implementation, BI Emerging Trends & Impacts and new phenomenon that are already changing or likely to change BI technologies and practices like RFID, cloud computing, social networking, Web 2.0, virtual worlds, and more.

Den teoretiska delen av kursen siktar på att ge grundläggande teoretiska kunskaper om informationsteknikens roll i företagens verksamhet. Den teoretiska delen bygger på föreläsningarna och kurslitteraturen.

Obligatorisk grundkurs inom kandidatexamen.

Avancerad Excel och VBA. Största delen av kursen bygger på VBA.