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This course aims to enhance participants' understanding of a range of issues in International Human Resource Management (IHRM). The challenge of effective HRM is greatest in multinational firms that operate in culturally and institutionally diverse environments, and the focus of the course is precisely on the international dimension of strategic HRM. The main objective of the course is that participants develop their understanding of the link between human resources and firm strategy in the international context. An additional objective is that they learn how to plan and implement effective learning sessions. The course will deal both with the latest research and with practical cases of (strategic) IHRM.

This is an advanced level course and it is expected that participating students have basic knowledge about Human Resource Management. This course is the third in the People Management-track in Management and Organization, which consists of the following courses: 1) Leadership, 2) Gender, Management and Organisation, 3) Strategic International Human Resource Management and 4) Personnel Assessment.

Demand for skills in business intelligence, data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence is growing. This course intends to introduce tools, especially Python, in order to address most problems in business analytics. The course introduces knowhow of gathering
data, preparing data, analysing data, building statistical and machine learning models, and visualising results in a customised manner. This introductory course gives basic knowledge business analytics through tools such as Python. It provides information and practices related
to Python programming, about how to solve problems in business analytics, and about online resources through which one could inquire for further business-related problems.