The main objective of the course is to provide deeper understanding of various advanced topics in asset pricing and corporate finance. Most of these topics will be theoretical in nature, but some relevant empirical analyses will also be discussed. Some of the major issues that will be covered include utility specifications, analysis of optimal portfolio/consumption choices under uncertainty, multifactor models, and other asset pricing models. We will also look more in depth into corporate finance theory, especially capital market efficiency, agency theory, and capital structure. Some special topics related to option pricing, credit risk, political uncertainty, and new financial technologies can also be discussed.

The course develops a framework for value investing based on a modern treatment of the Graham and Dodd approach to investment management. The course covers the search for undervalued stocks, the valuation of stocks that pass the screening process, and the investment decision to buy a stock if its price is below the intrinsic value by a margin of safety.

Value_Investing_syllabus_2020_summer_May 20.pdfValue_Investing_syllabus_2020_summer_May 20.pdf

The introductory lecture is held on Tuesday 19 January at 14:15. Online access is possible through the link Join online seminar on the Moodle page. It is utterly important that you know the details of the course. Therefore, read the course description carefully.

As the time for topic selection is limited, please start the topic selection process immediately. When elaborating topics, make sure that you will get access to all the data you need.

Students in Hanken's integrated bachelor's and master's program should register for the course 17160 in WebOodi regardless of thesis language, while students in English master's programmes should choose 17170. In all other respects the courses are merged. You will receive an enrolment key before the course starts. Note: The enrolment key was sent 13 January 2021. Please contact if you did not receive it.

Kursens syfte är att stöda arbetet med din magisteravhandling. Under kursen får du stöd och individuell handledning för avhandlingsarbetet från den egna handledaren. Du får också feedback och kommentarer från medstuderande när du presenterar det egna avhandlingsprojektet i din seminariegrupp. Kursen innehåller individuella handledningstillfällen och diskussioner i grupp. Under kursen arbetar du dels med det egna avhandlingsprojektet, dels granskar du och kommenterar medstuderandes avhandlingsprojekt.

Läs mera ingående om magisteravhandlingen på webben samt om att skriva avhandling på engelska.

The course aims to support the writing of the master's thesis in the major subject. During the course you receive support and individual counseling from your thesis supervisor for producing a thesis. You also get feedback from your co-students when presenting your own master thesis project in your seminar group. The course contains individual counselling and group discussions. During the course you will partly work on your own thesis, partly review and comment your co-student’s thesis projects.

Read more about the master’s thesis on the web.

Course description spring 2021 Kursbeskrivning våren 2021.pdfCourse description spring 2021 Kursbeskrivning våren 2021.pdf